July 27, 2018 — Before taking the Metanarrative course with Jackie, I had thought I knew all I needed in Biblical Storytelling. I have been actually teaching through biblical storytelling for 22 years and have been teaching others how to tell biblical stories for 12 years now.

However, the Metanarrative course with Jackie did open my eyes to a method that allows the Bible to speak for itself and raising questions that help people to apply Scripture effectively, even on their own. It is really helpful that it helps one to not just know about the Bible but to know the Bible itself. It also helps one to see the unity and coherence of the Bible as God’s grand story from Genesis to Revelation.

— Victor Fai Hussaini, Associate Professor of Communications
ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria

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Jackie is a godly lady with a passion to teach the Word of God. Because of her excellent seminary education, she is able to exegete the Scriptures and expound them clearly. She is a great teacher and loves people. She will be a blessing and an encouragement wherever she goes.

  — Homer Heater, Professor Emeritus,
Capital Bible Seminary

Mrs. Jackie Towns has been a wonderful teacher with us since we started this course Metanarrative on communication skills. This course taught me more on how to share the  Word of God without taking or reading the Bible. Although I am familiar with most of the stories of the Bible, this course opened my eyes and the eyes of many others to the deeper truth found in Scripture. Thus, this course is a blessing to me and the entire class. Being the Class Governor, I would like to recommend this course to all seminaries in and out of Nigeria.

Adesola, Paul Adekunle, Master’s Two, Class Rep. ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria

In Africa, there is a high percentage of its inhabitants who learn and communicate effectively through oral preferences. Though scholars are coming up with the diverse new oral

learning strategies and models, Jackie Towns is filling this gap using a Metanarrative method of

teaching the Scripture. No recent work comes close to matching the insights Jackie's book provides on the method. This book is a must read for everyone who wants to understand and teach Metanarrative.

Reverend Stephen Oluwarotimi Y. Baba, PhD
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies (OT)
Provost, ECWA Theological Seminary
Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Jackie Towns has researched and developed a significant tool for teaching Christian leaders and pastors how to communicate the grand Story of His Glory that runs like a thread throughout the Bible. She and others have realized that in many cultures, people don’t learn or teach using books, but rather stories. The Metanarrative Bible Workbook is an effective tool for training how to teach the Bible in primarily Oral cultures. It has been used in two Non-Western settings, Asia and Africa, to great effect.

— Dr. Michael Pocock, Senior Professor, Chair Emeritus
World Missions and Intercultural Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary